This is not an easy task to maintain your product progression in the market. It’s more difficult to increase the business by over-taking market trends and competitors. Nobody can watch the production rate and the price renewal at 24 hours.

There are many beneficial apps, helping the employee to sustain the progress and present the best prices for their products. However, salespersons can watch the product review and comments from clients to make their products better.

Best price tracking apps on Amazon

These apps are the best to review the increase or decrease in prices on Amazon. There are many apps available and all are equally valuable for venders. The sales representatives are notified on mobile about the latest price rates of the products and it assists them to retain balance in cost according to the demand.

  • CamelCamelCamel
  • Keepa
  • Earny
  • Waatcher
  • The Tracktor

These are the top quality apps on amazon for overlooking price details. Many people find these supportive and favorable for them for taking care of their business.


An impressive tracker that is easily available on Amazon. You can have its free version. If you support this app then you can get notified about the costs. When costs go down it alerts you through email or you can watch yourself by downloading this app on your mobile.

If you want to purchase a product on amazon then you have to wait for the best deal given by this site. Whenever prices get down, then it’s the time for buying. Always look for the best deals then jump right in!!


Another amazing app to track prices. It’s far way better than CamelCamelCamel as it is available worldwide except China.  This track doesn’t tell only lower prices but the threshold in prices is also notified. The only way to use this app is to simply sign in and have a newsletter for a monthly or daily basis.

Its free version is useable for mobile to have a daily check on prices and movements in the marketplace. Some people get panic about one product and this app is the best for them to track the price whenever they want.

There are certain multimedia effects to use in email or newsletter to make this app colorful and beautiful for users.


What if you have an app that doesn’t tell you the low prices but also notify you of the further reduction in prices of your bought product. And then, that will be a good treat for you as you can refund your money and savor the best deals from the shops.

This app is not only working for Amazon but also for other big shops to view the prices and facilitate you in shopping from anywhere you want. An awesome app that keeps you alert about the products, detailing, and also watch for your purchasing history to afford you more benefits of shopping.

It is not free at all there is a monthly or yearly subscription fee and that is not that much if you are a regular buyer.


Watchers are the best amazon price tracker that is splendid in its working. In one case you set a price for your selected product then the remaining work is executed with this app. It gets you to notify when your desired price is covered. A good organized and reasonable app for shopping.

You can cover multiple products at the same time and track their prices. This app is responsible for your consumption on Amazon. The product is in your hand if you put a tracker on that.

The Tracktor

A multi-task app that allows you to choose the product and then tracks that product for further assistance. You can add many products at the same time for shopping. It can alert you whenever the price gets down according to your demand. There is also a toolbar to compare the detailing of the product in other stores.

It is available in many countries and free of cost. You don’t hold to compensate for its subscription.

What you need to do is just wait and watch the prices for shopping.

Why do I need apps for price tracking?

People often do shopping online and there is a variety of products of the same sort. If you choose your desired product then perhaps you find it costly to buy, therefore, on may online stores there is a trend of offering deals or reduction in prices after particular times. To avail such chances there are certain apps to notify you by sending email or tagging that product to send you newsletters.

Some apps are free and others can be purchased if you are a big shopping mania. These apps provide you the best possible ways to choose and capture your desired products so that you have an excellent chance to buy and sell the things even sitting at your house.

Just imagine life without these apps!!! There must be a fuss and nobody would prefer online buying and selling. It’s time-saving and money-saving opportunities for vendors and clients at the same time.

Why prices Fluctuate on Amazon?

Amazon is a larger market place for businessmen. It’s the best place for B2B as well as B2C. Millions of products are there for the same brand so the fluctuation in cost is naturally. No one can deny the fact that this is the largest service providers in all over the world.

People sometimes buy the product and when they find a reduction in price so, they feel bad. If they have the price tracker app then they should not be worried. This track offers them to repay their money by holding a small sum of money as a fee charge. Hence, the price tracker provides an opportunity to shop the desired articles by tracking and comparing costs at different shops.

Are these apps useful for shopping?

Yes!!! I can relate online shopping to the current situation all over the world. During the lockdown, online shopping is the best suitable thing for everyone. No one can get the selected products at the full price. Many stores provide the deals and offer to sell the products so it is necessary to have an app to track the tagged product. These apps not only send alerts about pricing, but also compare the prices on a different store to make your shopping valuable.

These apps can also notify you about the attractive offers on other articles. If you want to buy then there is the whole information on your page.

Apps are for free and some can be paid to get useful pricing trends in the marketplace.