You are selling on Amazon; you cannot merely rely on luck to survive and thrive in an ever-growing competitive market. There are several tools to provide you with help and expert touch in pricing and shipping. The tools for tax and finance are like hiring a trained professional for you. Listing and sourcing for the product advertisement also become comfortable with the help of a tool.

We have come with a list of top-rated Amazon tools to help you in all aspects of Amazon seller business.

1. Amazon Pricing Tools:

Amazon has secured a huge chunk of online sales because of the competitive prices of the products. In the pricing category, eReprice has proved itself the best Amazon pricing tool you can find in the market. The most efficient and cost-effective tool helps you in the process of increasing your sales online, and profit margin by making competitive pricing. The pricing strategies have basic and advanced settings for you to add minimum and maximum price. The algorithm of this tool protects your margin. 

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2. Amazon Review Software:

Amazon reviews are the customer opinion about your product and services online. This tool helps you in making a better communication channel and respond swiftly with customers. The great feature of this tool is that you can send an email to your consumers for the positive reviews about your product. Then comes the lifesaving feature. This tool informs you at once when you get a negative review from the customer, so you can take the corrective measures to rectify the situation.

Visit the FeedbackExpress website.

3. Helpdesk Software for Ecommerce

eDsek is a tool that is purposely fabricated to meet the demands of the e-commerce environment. The robust tool provides you with the power to manage the operations you perform regarding a sale on Amazon. It also gives you access to information and other vital capabilities to manoeuvre your business on Amazon.

Visit the eDesk website.

4. Shipping

ShipWorks is a useful tool, and as the same suggests, it makes your work easy regarding shipping your products. The work of this tool is very simple yet useful. It downloads the order by itself from the online store which you have mentioned. It ships them to the customers on the address which was given at the order. The real work this tool does is after-sale stuff. You can print custom invoices, send promotional emails and create pick lists with the help of this tool.

Visit the ShipWorks website.

5. Tax

TaxJar more than 7000 business trust this tool to handle their sales tax. This tool stands at the top of the list of most popular and trusted tools for tax matters. The purpose of the development of the tool was to give more liberty to the sellers. Taxjar handles the sales tax issues, and the seller gets the time to focus on the ways to grow the business.

Visit the TaxJar website.

6. Payments

Currencies Direct provides you with the chance to save 3% of the total sales value, which is typically lost in the exchange rate in the international sales. When you make over the border sales, the first issue which you have to face is the exchange rate in currency. The local banks do their trick to cut the percentage from the money sent from abroad. This tool helps you save the dollars from every sale you make online internationally.

Visit the Currencies Direct website.

7. Reviews

AMZFinder is your lifeboat in the turbulent water of online competition. On Amazon, everything is about customer satisfaction. Delayed response and late replies lead toward customer dissatisfaction. This tool helps you by automatically sending the feedback and review request emails. If you have more reviews on your product, it means you are going up the ladder in the throat-cutting competition online. AMZFinder also facilitates you in managing reviews and orders. You improve the credibility of your online e-commerce store. The higher the ratings are, the higher the sale you secure on Amazon. This tool is a lifesaver for any business. If you are new in the e-commerce business, do try this tool to take your business to a higher level of success.

 Visit the AMZFinder website

8. Sourcing

When you want to start a business online, the first-hand problem you face is the product selection. There are thousands of different categories, and each category contains hundreds of various product. SourceMogul is a tool that helps you start your online e-commerce store by reducing the number of products according to the preferences you make in the product search. You also have the option to find the product and supplier from the list from online suppliers. If you want to narrow down your research to a fewer number of options. SourceMogul helps you in a very productive way. This tool saves your time on product research; it also lets you access the genuine suppliers and most profitable products online. You can choose any of the product to start your business on Amazon and start earning money right away. 

Visit the SourceMogul site.

9. Advertising

Advertising has never been this easy. The social media website provide you with the best way to promote your business and products online. You can decide what segment and geographic location you want your advertisement to reach.

Visit the Facebook Advertising website.

10. FBA Refunds

If Amazon makes a mistake, you need someone vigilant to make amends. All the issue regarding an overcharged commission or lost and damaged inventory can automatically be solved with refunds manager.

Visit the Refunds Manager website.

11. Amazon Seller App

It is a free app to facilitate sellers on Amazon. You can list items and contact Amazon through this app. You also got the option to reply to customers and check current sales.

Get the Amazon Seller app (Android).

12. Price Scouting

CamelCamelCamel if you want to know the pricing trend of the product online. This app is your buddy in the research. The Camelizer is an add on your browser to serve the same purpose.

Visit the CamelCamelCamel site.

13. Amazon Advertising

You can put the flight of your advertisement on autopilot and get ahead of the competitors.

Visit the PPC Entourage website.

14. Inventory Management Software

This site lets you handle your inventory and inventory related issues like a professional.

Visit the Linnworks site.

15. Legal

The number one law firm helps the sellers who got their accounts suspended on Amazon.

Visit the Amazon Sellers Lawyer site.

16. Finance

If you are looking for a financer to run the basic operations of your business, this website is the right place for you.

Visit the Kabbage website.

17. Outsourcing

It is a virtual assistant service for online stores on e-commerce. Virtual assistance of freelancers and experts help you anywhere in the world.

Visit the Freeeup website.

18. Competitor Research

You need professional help in new product development and keywords list. This tool gives you the high-volume keyword to keep you ahead of the line.

Visit the Helium 10 website

19. Amazon PPC

Private label sellers get the help of making long term profits with this tool. The strategies this tool provides make you the leader of the competition.

Visit the SellerApp website

20. Wholesale

FBA Fox lets you choose to form a catalogue of 500,000 items, and they are directly sent to your Seller Central Account.

Visit the FBA Fox website

21. Tax

Taxomate is the state of the art automatic cloud service. Your fee transactions and post summaries are automatically sent to Xero or QuickBooks accounting systems.

Visit the Taxomate website.

22. Amazon PPC

PPC automation software consists of custom-built algorithms, and data science ensures the product diffusion and long term profits in the online industry.

Visit the Profit Whales website.

Final Thoughts

Amazon online selling is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of pitfalls and traps for you to get your account suspended or lose the customers. With the help of these tools, you can win the customers and competition at the same time. These tools would also lead you the way to success and increased customer reviews and sales.