Amazon Repricing Tools

There are many retailers selling clothing online, and so it is important to do all in your power to stand out from the competition. Selling via Amazon is a popular option, and there are a number of tools available to help you make the most of this platform. Not only do you have Amazon repricing tools, but Amazon has recently introduced ‘Prime Wardrobe’ too. Discover more about it below.

Amazon recently came up with a plan to make buying clothes online even easier. The new idea is ‘Prime Wardrobe,’ and it allows subscribers to have a box full of clothing sent to them, which they can then search through, try on in the comfort of their own home and – and this is the clever bit – whatever isn’t wanted can easily be sent back. Combine this with an Amazon repricer by downloading one of the Amazon repricing tools, and you have the perfect combination to entice more customers. You may be thinking that the Amazon Prime Wardrobe solution sounds like something you have heard before. Although there are other box subscription services like this one, there are some differences between them and Prime Wardrobe. The first is that those who receive the box will get a full seven days to choose what they want or don’t want before having to return anything that isn’t required. Anything that is sent back will not be charged for, and anything that is kept will need to be paid for. It’s a neat and tidy way to buy clothing online without the uncertainty of what will be delivered.

Another advantage of the Prime Wardrobe is that shipping is free both ways. So customers not only receive your clothing quickly and effortlessly, they won’t be out of pocket if they do decide to send anything back. Even if they send everything back, there will be no charge for any of the items or for any shipping. It’s a great system, as usually if you buy items and send them back, you need to pay the shipping fee. The real difference, however, that makes Prime Wardrobe much more user friendly than subscription boxes that have gone before, is that the buyer gets to choose what to put in their own box. If you want to feel the full effects of this new feature on Amazon, using a repricer comes highly advised. Amazon repricers ensure that your product pricing adjusts based on market moves. This will make certain that your clothing is competitively priced, enticing people to fill their Prime Wardrobe box with some of your products. This powerful combination of Amazon repricing and the Prime Wardrobe feature could be just the thing you need to take your clothing business to the next level.

And finally, there are no limits on the number of boxes that can be ordered. It is up to the buyer how much they want, so repricing is important. There will be over one million items of clothing eligible for Prime Wardrobe, so with that much competition, Amazon repricing tools can be invaluable.