Finding Out Of Stock Items On Amazon And Profiting

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Going out of stock is a frequent event which Amazon has to suffer. There are thousands of products that are sold more often. And they are more likely to go out of stock on Amazon. But sometimes the third party seller also goes out of stock when it comes to the most selling products. But getting out of stock is not the only issue for hot cake products. The products with less liking are also a victim to go out of stock. There are numerous reasons for the products to go out of the shelf. We are not concerned about those reasons. The issue which we would discuss here is to retrieve the pages of those products which have fallen prey to this issue.

Amazon is all about customer satisfaction and a happy experience. When a product gets out of stock Amazon hides the page from the customer. It would create a negative impression on the customers when they go on a page where the product is already sold. Not only Amazon but when a third party seller also goes out of stock Amazon does the same process and hides the page from the customer to access and get dissatisfied.

What is in it for you?

The market runs on the law of demand and supply. Suppose there is a demand regarding a particular product you can earn profit by fulfilling that demand. When a product gets out of stock from Amazon or third-party seller, it means that the product is in high demand. The high demand and excessive purchase have cleared out the stock, and consequently, Amazon had to hide that page. But when you find out that there is a product which is in high demand and is out of stock, you can earn money by providing that product to the customers.

Products on Amazon

Follow the steps mentioned, and look for the out of stock products.

  1. This process would work on a laptop and computer. You can also do it on tablet and mobile, but you need to open the full Amazon app. Suppose you have a product in mind. Go to the search bar ant type your product.
  2. Now check the pages and move from previous to next page. Keep your quest carry forward until you find the desired product.
  3. If you couldn't find the desired product, it is wise to narrow down the search by choosing a product category.
  4. When you have chosen a product category, you will witness the change in the interface. On the show result for a section at the bottom, you can see another option. This option is included out of stock.
  5. Once you have changed the preferences of your results, now you can search through both in stock and out of stock product pages.
  6. The products which were hidden by Amazon are now visible before you but without price. Keep the list of the items separately.

Product example:

Suppose you didn't understand the process entirely with empty instructions. Let us make things easy for you by placing real products in the search option. All you need is to visualize the process, or if you are lucky enough, you can get an actual product which is out of stock on Amazon page. For example, if you go to a thrift store out there in the market. You happen to come by a Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull.

You find this product very attractive. You scan the barcode printed on it with the help of Amazon app. You get shocked to see that there is no result of the search. Then you open the Amazon app and try to find the product by the keyword, and you still find no result. Now, what you could do to see the page of the product which is hidden from the customers.

Here’s what to do next:

  1. Open an internet browser on your cell phone. The setting of the amazon page automatically changes according to the device which you are using to view the website. When you open the Amazon app on your mobile Amazon website would change the interface, and you would see the mobile version of the app. Never forget to open the full site.
  2. To open the full site, you need to do the simple step. Open the app in your browser. From more menu or option go for the full site or desktop version. By tapping that option, you would see the website in full version as you can on your laptop or computer.
  3. Once you have open the full website on your mobile phone, go on the search area and type: “Castle Grayskull”.
  4. Scroll the pages and vies each page with thorough detail. Try to find the product which you are looking for on the pages.
  5. Suppose you are unable to find the desired product in the first few pages. It would be smart to change the search option and choose a product category.
  6. Your product has a specific category. Form the category option go for toys and games.
  7. The change preferences would reveal a button on the left column. Look closely you can see an option "include out of stock" is placed right under the “Show Results For” section.
  8. Now look for the product which you want. Once you find the related products go for the page where this product is displayed. Now you would be able to see the pages where there is out of stock mentioned, which were previously hidden from you.


To get the benefit out of your research, go on CamelCamelCamel. Now do some research and try to find out that if this product is worth selling. Please get some profit out of the product which you found out of stock in your research.

When a product remains out of stock for a long Amazon, it automatically increases the rank. Or it could get zero ranks too. Remember one thing that rank is not always the indicator of excellent sales and high worth.

Next thing which you can do is conduct advanced research on eBay. Suppose this product is also out of stock on eBay. Look for the preferences of the people and find out how much they are paying for this product.

If camelcamelcamel and eBay do not provide enough information on the product. Look for the reviews on Amazon. If all the reviews regarding that product are within a few months and the product has gone out of stock, this is your cue. It means that the product has high diffusion and more attraction to the customers.

All you need now is find this product, make a page on Amazon and or eBay and start selling to earn more.


If the lady luck is smiling on you and you found a product which is out of stock on both Amazon and eBay you get a fair chance. This chance would make you easy dollars to enjoy. Just follow this tip, and you can get extra profit from selling that product.

There is a product which is out of stock on both Amazon and eBay. You got the product in hand, and you are willing to sale it online. The smart move would be to keep the price of the product four times higher. Then after one month decrease the price by 25%. This would show the customers a discount of blazing 25% on the page. It would motivate the customers to make a purchase.

If you don't get your product sold out from the shelf, after decreasing the price for 25% in 2 or three months drop the price close to the actual price. The customers would rush to buy the product, and when they see that the product is again getting out of stock, they would be able to pay extra for it. Amazon always shows the number of products when they are about to get out of stock. When a product is about to get out of the shelf, the customers rush to buy it before someone else can.