Finding The Right Wholesaler For Amazon In 2020

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Amazon and other online sellers

Finding the right wholesaler for Amazon is like finding a needle in a 100-acre haystack. Sometimes it takes years to find the accurate wholesaler for your business who works with you on all levels. But once you get that one, life becomes easy, and it showers the benefits of Amazon and business on you from all sides.

Our team has done an extensive research to find out the authentic and genuine wholesale suppliers for you. The suppliers in this list are the ones who have customized their products for Amazon and eBay sellers. So when you think about doing business with one of the wholesalers from our directory, you don't need to worry about the authenticity and genuineness.

When you want to start an e-commerce business, check out Amazon wholesalers' list in the US and UK.

Most Popular Wholesale Suppliers in the US:

America is one of the top 5 most significant markets in the world. There are millions of customers for a single category product all over the country. And the same is the case with suppliers. You can also find thousands of suppliers for a single product in one category. So how to find out the authentic supplier and how to choose from the list. We have done all the research on your behalf. Here we have some top established suppliers with a worldwide reputation in the industry. Feel free to read about all of them, have some research of your own on these final contenders and go for the one that appeals to you the most.


It is a paid directory service for the suppliers. You have to pay to access the database of authentic and genuine suppliers with actual products and reputation. The paid feature guarantees that only real wholesalers and real sellers get the chance to interact with each other. The supplier at Salehoo knows that they have been visited all the time by the sellers of Amazon and eBay. To meet Amazon and eBay's requirements and demands, these wholesalers have already modified their techniques and customized their products. You also have an extra feature on this platform. You can become a premium member and earn access to more detailed information. The information you get consists of the market research on specific products and other niches.

$7 billion merchandise and 500 categories of different products make this platform a mammoth in the supplier's industry. The most popular feature of this site is that it offers the product in various categories with different sorts of conditions. You can choose a single product in multiple states. The same product is available in brand new condition, bit used, little withered but ok and even in the salvage condition. The reason behind this wide range of conditions is quite simple. works with businesses that provide new products or others who are going to or have faced bankruptcy. They also get the products from the businesses that have shut down their business or product line. The companies that want to get rid of the leftover pieces also provide products to this platform.

Tuesday Morning:

Tuesday morning is a Tuesday treat for you. Unlike the other options, we have mentioned the Tuesday morning is a kind of online yard sale. You have to visit the site on a frequent basis to get to know the best deal of the product category you chose to deal with. This business has the reputation of providing you the most sought electronic products at really affordable prices. The tip you must consider when you decide Tuesday morning to get the supplies is making a call to the shops. You know most of the time, the suppliers don't have the best product management system.

Big Lots:

When you are looking for branded items for your business on Amazon and eBay, this is the best place on the internet. You have the leverage to choose from a wide range of product categories consisting of actual branded products. Visit the site and choose from the stock what big lots have there for you. Big lots also give you the option to fetch your product personally if your supplier is available in the same area. The other option online order and delivery at your doorstep is also there to get you the products from far off places form the state.

Most Popular Wholesale Suppliers in the UK:

Suppose you are looking for a genuine supplier to offer you quality products at reasonable prices in the UK. This list is about to give you the most reputed name in the industry. With whom you can start your business on Amazon and eBay to earn and grow more.

The Wholesaler UK:

This service started in the year 1999. This platform is free for buyers from all over the world. They sustain their presence on the internet by charging the suppliers. There is a strict policy for suppliers. The suppliers have to undergo a vetting process and fulfill the requirements to list on the website. The suppliers which you find on this platform are genuine and authentic. They provide quality products at affordable prices to start your business on Amazon and eBay with a competitive advantage.

The Trader:

It is an online version of a print magazine. But with greater flexibility over the product categories and several suppliers. This website is free for both of the [arties. The added benefit of this platform is the area where you get the best bargains offered by the suppliers, and the auctions of the week are always the hot cake for sellers.

Gem Wholesale:

It is a gem in the wholesale market. You get excellent customer support to help you in any confusion or questions you have regarding the products, category, or website—the products in which customers return find their way to Gem wholesale. There is plenty of product category for you to choose and grow your way to the top chart using Amazon and eBay.


There are two types of memberships on this platform. One is free, and the other is the premium membership. It would be wise to try free membership first before going to the premium option. The ten-year-old platform has tons of different categories for the sellers. You can choose from hundreds of different categories. This site has acquired in its ten years of lifespan.

Wholesale Seller Advice:

Ryan Grant, an Amazon seller, shares his experience.

I invested $2700 on Furby's. It was a challenging thing to sell all of the items to get my money back. It was the Christmas season, and the lady luck smiled on me. After Christmas, I had successfully sold each item and got all the cash of that amount which I had invested. You would be surprised to know the profit I made from investing those $2700. The total profit was $100. Ya! it also made me shocked at first. But in spending an entire one year with wholesale. And after that on the same Christmas eve, I was able to make a handsome profit on the same Furby's. 

You have to acquire the knowledge and expertise from the market if you want to succeed in the online industry. Ecommerce is a capricious place. Where only vigilant sellers move up the ladder, so do not hesitate to make mistakes. Always focus on learning and growth. And after some time, the success would be inevitable.