Ways to Prevent & Help With Amazon Seller Suspension

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2020 was also a fantastic year for Amazon because of ever-soaring sales. But it was not the same when you talk about the third-party accounts. A significant number of Amazon account have been a victim of account suspension in the very year.

The sellers on Amazon get under high stress when their account becomes a victim of the suspension. The seller not only comes under the risk of losing their reputation, but they also are under the threat of losing their income.

What can you do?

This post will give you detailed information and guide you to protect the Amazon seller account from suspension. There is also mentioned a step by step process on how to reinstate your account if this unfortunate event happens.

Every day hundreds of third-party accounts of sellers get some significant problems with their accounts. The possibility of these problems is one of these three.

Your account is temporarily suspended, and you have been warned. You need a plan of action to get the account functional again.

Amazon has rejected your appeal. But this doesn’t mean that you have lost your account for good. You have got another chance to submit a better plan of action.

This is the word that tells that you have lost your account for good. All the original and revised plan of action which you sent to Amazon have been refused. And now, Amazon would not read and reply to your emails.

You might be wondering that it is not a problem that your account has banned. You can open another account. Sorry to break your heart. This procedure is against Amazon's policy for seller accounts.

When a seller account gets suspended, he or she becomes very agitated. This fact also adds to the stress that you cannot call a person to resolve the issue. You would be shocked to know that after every single minute, a seller gets his or her account suspended. This makes the seller lose the hard-earned money. And with a revised plan of action, you still need weeks or months to comply with the procedure and get your account active again.

Reasons behind suspension:

  1. Decreasing performance 
  2. Violated Amazon’s policies
  3. Sell a restricted product.

Seller central always provides performance notifications. You can check this option for the reasons why your account got suspended.

A list of ASINs is provided by the Amazon team to give you the complete information on the violations which lead you towards this process.

Believe this message when it displays in your notification, "Your Amazon.com selling privileges have been removed" The first thing you should do is look for the reasons behind it.

Performance-related suspension:

If your account has been suspended because of poor performance and not meeting the expectations, the notification should be different.

It would go somewhat like this "We have removed or we have suspended your Amazon selling privileges."

Ant, the reason mentioned would be like "because of buyer complaints about the conditions and descriptions."

How to Prevent Your Selling Privileges?

The wise thing to do is not believe the myths and don't take the things for granted. Always be more responsive towards the notifications or changes in performance. Make sure that Amazon should know that for you, customer satisfaction is your top priority.

I’ll be fine. I’m a big seller.

If you are a good seller and doing great business on Amazon, it doesn't spare you from the risk of suspension. It doesn't matter how much sales you make in a single month. For Amazon, the most important things are the policies and customer satisfaction. Suppose you fail to comply both or any one of these. You can be the victim of suspension.

I’ll be fine. I’m a good seller.

Please stop believing this myth that if you are a good seller with great customer reviews, your account can not be suspended. It can happen to you. Only 4 to 5 customer complaints can topple down the massive castle of goodness.

A warning is nothing but a notification:

If it doesn't go with Amazon policy or the customer expectation, stop you would get a notification. If you don't take preemptive measures or assure Amazon that you are taking steps, get ready for your account to be suspended.

Tips to Prevent Suspension:

1. Ask Amazon to put an annotation

If you are selling on Amazon, remember one thing all the time. Unhappy customer means trouble for your future growth and operations. Returns and after-sale services are the key features to get satisfaction enhanced. When the customer receives proper on-time delivery, the satisfaction level is automatically increased. Incomplete orders and negative feedback will certainly lead you towards account suspension. And before this thing happens, always look for the notifications and the bad reviews.

2. Download the Amazon Seller App:

The Amazon app is available on both android and apple store. Pay close attention to the listings and product category. If you are selling used products, always label them as used. And new products go under the new category. Never place a product in the used category, which is missing a part or two. If you lose the exact listing, you will annoy the customers and earn a bad reputation. A bad reputation on Amazon is nothing but the end of the business. 

3. Read your listings:

Sale your generic product as the generic ones. But when you offer private products, never forget to mention the features of why your product is different from the other available in the market.

4. Close archive old listings:

Never allow a customer to damage your feedback rating. If you have to satisfy a couple of customers by refunding the product, go for it. Never hesitate to save your reputation even by paying from your pocket. See things from a broader perspective and make wise decisions.

5. Don’t sell counterfeit goods

Counterfeit goods might earn you easy money more quickly. But soon you will lose your account and all the money you have obtained from it.

How to Appeal Against Your Suspension?

ASINs with previous policy warnings are your key to find out the reason why your account is suspended. Never go for appeal without doing your homework. Doing these steps is a wise decision before filing for your reply in the form of a plan of action.

Tips for Creating an Effective Plan of Action:

If you have for your account suspended, never appeal at once to get your account back. Always look for the reasons and causes which made this suspension happen. Read the notification and email carefully and find out the reasons. After that, come up with a plan of action and follow these critical steps.

Final thought:

Learn From the Experience

If you have deprived of the privilege of selling your product on Amazon, teach yourself well. Read all the information available and come up with an improvised plan of action. Your plan should address all the points mentioned by Amazon in the notification.

Learn from the experience from others and ask help online from the sellers who have been there. Always try to meet the high standard expectations of the customers and Amazon in the whole selling experience. Once you have fulfilled the customers' expectations and the requirements of Amazon, nothing can stop you from growing and earning more.