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Important Information: One you have added your Marketplace, it will take 30 – 60 minutes for eReprice to download your inventory and for it to appear on your listings page.

Adding Amazon

To begin with select ‘Go to Marketplaces’. If you do not see the following prompt, under the Amazon tab on the right-hand menu, click ‘Marketplace’ to load the same screen.


Select your Marketplace type, for example, we have chosen Amazon UK, and you will see a set of instructions appear. If you click on the ‘Amazon Seller Central’ text in step one, you will be taken to the relevant page in your Amazon account, shown below



In the two fields within the red box, enter the following details and click next-

Developer’s Name: EReprice

Developer Account Number: ***

After agreeing to the terms and conditions and clicking ‘Next’ you will see the following screenshot, with your own individual credentials


The credentials above need to be entered into your eReprice account. It’s important to note that sometimes on different Amazon Marketplaces, the ‘Seller ID’ may be referred to as ‘Marketplace ID’, these are the same thing and need to be entered into the field ‘Merchant ID’ on the EReprice App and after that enter the ‘MWS Auth Token’ into the relevant field in the EReprice App.

The Store Name is up to you, this is a reference for your records, so chose carefully what you name the marketplace, but there are no strict guidelines.

Click ‘Save’ and the Marketplace will be added. It’s important to note that making this Marketplace inactive will pause all repricing and require your to enable repricing on the listing page. You can also add other marketplaces alongside your initial one when using Amazon Repricer.


Adding SKU Cloud

Important Information: Until you enable repricing withing the SKU cloud listings page no data will be sent from to Amazon from eReprice.