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To begin adding a SKU Cloud strategy, under the SKU Cloud Sub heading on the left-hand menu, click drop down box next to ‘Strategies’ and click ‘Add’.

Firstly, you need to name your strategy. For the purposes of this demonstration, we’ve named the strategy ‘SKU Cloud 1’.


You next need to decide your Formula Options. There are 3 options.

‘Use Amazon Price’- This option will use the price of your SKU on Amazon

‘Use Base Price’- Your base price is the price you set per SKU (If using eReprice to manage your Amazon listings, a strategy can be assigned to add or subtract to calculate your min/max selling prices). For example, Base price would be your purchase price from your supplier.

‘Use Fixed Price’- A fixed price is a singular cost for multiple SKU’s. This is generally chosen when listing SKU’s that are the same product and price but vary in categories such as colour or size. For example, T-Shirts.


The next step is to choose your ‘Beat by’ option. There are two ways this can be done-


‘Fixed Price’- As shown below, this is the option to beat a competitors price by a nominal value. You can choose to either Add or Subtract a set value to the price of the SKU. For example, you can use this function to set your strategy to subtract or add any value as low as £0.01 against your chosen formula.

‘Fixed % of Price’- As shown below, this is the option to beat a competitors price by a set percentage. Simply select whether you want to add or subtract a percentage from your chosen formula price as part of your strategy and eReprice will calculate the new value.


The final step in creating a strategy is to confirm your Quantity Setting. There are three choices, you can either use the same Quantity per SKU as Amazon, or either Add or Subject a quantity from your stock levels. So for example, if you have a total of 10 units of ‘SKU XX’ and wanted to list only 8 on SKU Cloud, you would choose ‘Subtract from Amazon Quantity’ and enter ‘2’ in the quantity field. Inventory is updated every 60 minutes.

Once you are happy with these settings, click ‘Save’ and you’re ready to merge your listings with SKU Cloud and assign the Strategy.