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Insights are used to give you an indication of the performance of your repricing. The interface will show you data relating to the Buy Box as well as live data such as Active, Inactive & New listings.

Firstly, click on the ‘Insights’ menu. You will then need to select a marketplace to view that data about that marketplace. How to do this is shown below


Once you select a marketplace, the page will update with fresh data.

You can also select a date range to narrow down your search or to compare information, so if you wish to see data from today, yesterday, this week or between two specific dates, you can do this as shown below


Once you have settled on a date range, the insights will update accordingly. The scale of the graph and the average statistical data boxes will all update with the date range you have selected.


Current Data

Another aspect of the insights menu displaying more data is the ‘Current Data’ section. If you scroll down the page you will see six green boxes, shown below


This data is always live, so you can make decisions based on this data and any changes you make will be reflected when they take effect.