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You can make your listings active or inactive in two ways, by selecting a group of SKU’s or an individual SKU. This is similar to assigning a strategy, so click ‘SKU Cloud Listings’ on the left hand Menu and you should see all of your synced SKU’s.

To bulk enable/disable, select all of your products (or the number of products you want to assign a strategy to at once, such as groups of 5, 10 or 20 etc.), click the ‘Bulk Action’ drop down menu and select either ‘Enable Repricing’ or ‘Disable Repricing’.

To individually activate or deactivate, choose the SKU you want to alter and click the pencil icon under the ‘Action’ column which will allow you to edit the listing. You will get the following pop up. To activate or deactivate and individual listing, use the toggle switch in the ‘Repricing Status’ field and click save to make the changes take effect.