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Once you Amazon inventory has uploaded to your Ereprice account, you then need to add it to SKU Cloud. There are two ways to sync the inventories. First click on ‘Amazon Listings’ under the SKU Cloud sub menu on the main left hand menu-

You can either bulk upload all of your Amazon listings to SKU Cloud by selecting all the listings, clicking the drop down menu on the ‘Bulk Action’ option and clicking ‘Add to SKU Cloud’


Or if you do not want to add your entire Amazon inventory, you can add listings one at a time to SKU Cloud by clicking the cross at the under the ‘Action’ Column. This will turn Green once it is added to your SKU Cloud inventory as shown below-

In some instances, a listing may not be able to match with the SKU Cloud database. If this happens, the SKU will be moved. To see a list of unmatched SKU’s, click ‘Merge Pending Listings’ on the left hand menu and you will see a list of the SKU’s that could not be matched.


You can then edit them manually and add additional data to match them with the SKU Cloud database. To do this, click ‘Merge’ under the ‘Action’ column. The following pop up will appear-

You can then use the search function to hopefully find the correct listing, match them and merge it into your SKU Cloud inventory.