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Once you Inventory is available withing eReprice you can click on ‘Seller list’, all the sellers you are competing against will be automatically listed (sellers names will appear within 1 – 24 hours).

If you then click on ‘Seller Group list’ you can create a group of sellers, drawn from the ‘Seller list’ that you do or do not wish to go up against.

So for example, if you do not wish to compete against ‘Business A’, ‘Business F’ and ‘Business S’ but wish to continue competing against all others, you would make a ‘Seller Group List’ containing Business’ A,F & S, save it as a seller group list and then upload it under the ‘Exclude/Include Sellers’ option when creating or editing a ‘Strategy’. From that point onwards, you will no longer reprice against business’ A,F & S but continue to reprice against all others.

The feature also works in the opposite function, as you can also exclude all sellers and compete only with business’ A,F & S for example.