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This is a straight forward process where you manually enter the price for each listing in the correct field. In the MIN Price field, enter the minimum price you are willing to sell this product at and in the MAX Price field, enter the maximum price you are willing to sell this price for. The Base Price field is optional though not required and the ‘Your Price’ fields are the price that it is currently on sale for on your live marketplace. This is automatically filled in when you add the marketplace and will constantly update every time you reprice.


Once you have entered this data, a ‘Save’ option will appear at the end of the row or Save All at the top. Once you have entered the data and are happy with the minimum and maximum prices, click ‘Save’. Ensure that there are NO MISTAKES in the pricing you set.

How to use formula / based pricing: Click Here

Important Information: You must apply a strategy and enable repricing before any price changes will be sent to Amazon!