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A useful feature that helps you keep track of your products and repricing records when live is the ‘SKU Repricing History’ tool. You can use this to look at the history of a particular SKU  and view how many times it has repriced, the patterns, up & down etc.

Through the ‘SKU Repricing History’ menu

Click on the ‘SKU Repricing History’ tab on the left Menu. This is the process you will use to find the daily history of a listing. Firstly, you need to select the marketplace of the listing you wish to view, followed by manually typing the SKU. You then need to select the date you want to view the history of the SKU from and click ‘Search’. This will pull up the data.



Through the Listings menu

Alternatively, you can look through the history of a listing through the ‘Listings’ Menu. Click on ‘Listings’ and find the listing you want to view. Once you have found the listing, click on the text within the ‘SKU’ column.



This link will open a new page which will list the history of that specific SKU as shown below