Many often times, questions like “when can I start using Amazon Repricing software?” surface. We take it upon ourselves to make sure we put sellers on the right track every time. This article here is to point out facts and educate sellers based on certain factors, to know when to use a repricing software.

It’s a clear cut fact that there is no straight forward answer to when a seller should start using repricing software, because businesses all over aren’t the same. However, there are some factors to be considered by each seller, which can serve as a guide to know when a repricing software is needed. Highlighted below are some of the factors.

Inventory size

There has always been a misapprehension among sellers that a repricing software is should only be used by sellers who have huge inventories. It is quite wrong to have such opinion about repricing software, the software can work for sellers with both large SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) and small SKUs.

In a situation whereby a seller has bountiful SKUs, the seller needs to focus his efforts on the right pricing strategies. The best way around this is by employing a repricing software such as ereprice to help maximize the value of each and every sale.

In the presence of humongous SKUs, the seller needs to experiment a little with different pricing strategies, till he finds the perfect one for his sales. The seller also needs to be able to adapt to the dynamism of the market conditions quickly. With the help of an automated repricing software, you can easily readjust prices in real time.

Sales Volume

Trends and seasons define certain sales volumes of products. The sales charts often show the peaks and troughs of sales at some specific times of the year, like holidays, back-to-school season. A repricer such as ereprice can help you adjust all the prices of your products in time for the anticipated sales boost.

In addition, there might be times when you need to opt or nosedive sales for personal reasons. It could be for the purpose of paving way for a new brand or new order, or to get rid of old inventory. There might be times when you as a seller need to sell less or more of certain products for tax purposes. Bottom line is, its tiresome and time consuming to do any of these activities manually.



Capacity and Resources

As an aspiring merchant with infinite growth as top priority, with or without a repricer, your inventory is most likely going to grow as you sell on Amazon. More storage capacity may be needed such as warehousing space, more logistics, and definitely more staffs. Consequently, you will need to sell more in other to earn more so as to cope with the running cost.

With skyrocketing sales and huge growth in inventory, it gradually becomes impossible to keep up with your competitors as seller glued to manual reprice. Even when glued to your computer, you simply can’t keep up with the effectiveness and efficiency of an automated repricing software.

Ultimately, the use of an automated repricer such as ereprice consistently, is the easiest way for a seller to maintain infinite growth.


From our database of testimonies from various sellers, we can categorically tell you that the longer you wait before adapting to the repricing software, the more difficult it becomes to adjust.

Sellers who have integrated automated repricing software into their businesses early, have made it an integral part of their business. Such sellers tend to develop clearer understanding of the costs required to sell on Amazon, with the aid of ereprice minimum price calculations. It also becomes easy to keep an eye on their inventory, sales and competitors effectively.

Finding the right repricing software is usually an issue, but with ereprice, you are covered as a seller. It allows for several options for customization of different rules and conditions that are incorporated with automation to get the optimum efficiency. It gives room for multi pricing strategies to help get the best of sales and maximize profit