FBA is the service of Amazon to help third-party sellers like you diffuse, sell, and supply your products to your customers. Amazon takes care of all the responsibilities like delivering the products, collecting cash, and even handling the refund or post-selling issues. All you need to do is take care of the products and listing.

How does it happen?

First of all, you sign up for a seller account. Once you have registered yourself as a seller on the Amazon, you will define the product category you want to sell to the customers. Based on the product category, Amazon would assign you the warehouse with an adequate facility to handle and store your product for further diffusion in the market to your customers.

Amazon would then provide you with the UPS packing slip for your products. Now you would print those slips and bring your products to the central seller platform and leave your products at UPS or FedEx.

When you secure a sale of your product, Amazon will pick your product from the warehouse you provided. They would pack it and deliver it to the customer. And Amazon also handles the post-sale services on your behalf.

You can sell new, old, classic, or any product anywhere in any market with the least investment and doing nothing at all. Amazon charges e the fee for this process, and you get the maximum reach for your product with practically doing nothing at all.

Now, look at some of the most profiting categories on Amazon.


Books – Yep, the Kind Made of Paper and Ink:

In the beginning, Amazon was the online book retailer when it was launched. Over time, it started growing towards more digital options like Kindle products. But still, several books are cherishing the best sellers and blockbusters on the internet with the sale in thousands of copies.

Best-selling books on Amazon are epic adventure novels that have been transformed in blockbuster films like Hunger Games, The Hobbit, and Divergent. These books have maximum stars and thousands of positive reviews.

In this category, the widely selling books and the most famous subcategories are children’s books, literature and fiction, and self-help.

Amazon updates this category after every hour, and the reviews are there to recommend new books throughout the day.

How to succeed in this category?

Find a gap to fill. 

This category has further 37 subcategories. You can choose any type of books from art and literature to psychology and test prep books. Self-help books are becoming more anticipated books by the customers. All you need to do is find the gap in the top listing category and provide books to meet the demands.

Promote your products. 

Once you have decided your subcategory and supplied the products to the warehouse after signing up the account, now you should use all the means to promote your products. You can use social media, e-commerce platforms, and websites for this purpose.

Follow audience interests.

Try to be up-to-date and always be flexible and responsive to the changing buying trends and patterns of the interests of your customers.

The Population Keeps Growing, and That Includes Things for Babies

The baby products are widely needed products by the people. It also is the best category to start your business on Amazon FBA. The parents don’t want to compromise on the quality of the products for the satisfaction of the baby and themselves. But they still want to save money of some sort without going for cheap quality products. That is why parents prefer Amazon when it comes to buying the top quality affordable products for their babies. Because amazon provides better quality products at lower rates as compared to the physical stores. It could worth a shot for you if you want to start your own business on Amazon FBA.

Now look for the most famous baby products subcategory. The most anticipated baby products on Amazon include the following:

Baby toys

The lightweight toys are always easy and less costly to ship. There is also less breakage of these products on the go. Dolls, bath toys, learning toys are the less costly version of the baby products, and they prove to be the most profitable subcategory for start-ups on Amazon FBA.

Baby Diaper

Daily used product in every home where there lives a baby is known as baby Diapers. Parents have to change the time to time in a single day.

Healthcare Kit

A kit that is responsible for maintaining the safety and monitoring of the baby’s activities is a must-have for all the parents to take proper care of their baby.

Pro tip

Parents try to spend more on their newborn babies. If you go for the products for newborns, you might get more progress on Amazon FBA.

All That Glitters Just Maybe Gold

It is not a very much convenient category because of suddenly changing trends in the market. Nut it is the most profitable category out there on Amazon for FBA. It gives you almost 50% profitability over your products and investment.

A category with more stability is classic jewellery, as it never really goes out of style. Always be up-to-date with the changing trends in the jewellery market. If you want to be a fine-jewellery dealer, you must have to generate $50,000 annual revenue on the Amazon platform, and another thing is a non-refundable deposit of $5,000.

It would be better for you to target a niche audience despite going to the general public.

How to succeed?

When you have selected a niche in the jewellery category, the best way to move up the ladder is to provide speciality products even in that niche. It would make you famous, and your customer would remember you to refer anyone who needs that speciality product.

Getting fast orders would make your customers move towards you, and when you would offer quick and simple returns, this would work as a motivator for your customers. They would not only make frequent purchases, but they would also refer you and your products in their concerned groups.

Exercise Clothing for All Those New Resolutioners

Exercise clothing has a magical effect on your mind. When you wear these clothes, you can’t help restrain yourself from doing the exercise. Everyone who hits the gym or does some form of exercise wants to buy new trendy clothes. The New Year resolution is always filled with goals and plans. And the most common goal is to be fit and remain in shape. All of them who decide to do so are definitely in need of exercise clothes. This category is one of the vastly growing categories on Amazon. And the best opportunity for FBA.

Women’s Sports Bra

All the women don’t want to shake their upper body in a wavy direction while doing exercise. They need firm and comfortable support. That is why they tend to buy a sports bra. You can choose this category for you, Amazon FBA.

Yoga Pants

The most anticipated and widely used clothing can be seen even outside the gym, where people are not doing exercises. The comfort provides forces with the people to wear it whenever they can avail of the opportunity to try them on.

Training Tank Tops

The tank-tops which use wicking fiber to keep the person dry and cool are loved by all the people out there. Affordable and high-quality tank-tops would sell like hotcakes on Amazon for your FBA.


 Electronic Items and All Their Accessories

No matter wherever people go, they are always in need of some electronic devices for their ease and comfort. You can find a brand new gadget for the people of all different age categories every single day. This market is growing faster than you imagine. The Amazon prime report is there to help the customers for the best gadgets out there for them. This report guides the customers about the products, and you can also take advantage of this report and look for the subcategory in the electronics.

Smartphones are the widely increasing category, and every person tries to have one. But these phones cannot be used without the proper accessories. You can start Amazon FBA in gadgets and accessories for smartphones.

How to succeed?

There is a cut-throat competition in this category. The established brands dominate this industry and make it hard for start-up businesses to survive in this competitive market. The best choice would be going for a niche in some subcategories.

It could be from an adapter to the USB cable. You can also go for other accessories rather than smartphones like speakers, TV cables, remote controls, etc.

Start Re-pricing for Free

There are several different categories apart from these, which we have mentioned. You can go for any of them on Amazon. But these are the vastly growing and more profit providing categories you can find. If you have made your mind to start your business on Amazon FBA, you would need RepricerExpress to help you keep up with demand. Here you can avail the first 14 days free when you sign up right now.